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近年来,金山在国际化拓展方面成绩卓著。2004年,剑网首度进军台湾、马来西亚等海外市场;2005年6月,剑网登陆越南,迅速占领越南网游80%市场 份额;2005年,金山在东京成立日本合资公司;2005年9月,金山毒霸、WPS登陆日本,引起轰动; 2007年,日本金山获得日本最大VC集富(JAFCO)的巨额投资。 2007年10月9日,金山软件在香港主板成功上市(股份编号:3888),上市后的金山软件将加速推进其技术立业及国际化战略。 2008年,金山在马来西亚开设全资附属子公司,为进军全球英文市场奠定基础......

Kingsoft Expands Overseas

In the recent years, Kingsoft has massively expanded into oversea markets. In 2004, JX Online entered the Taiwanese and Malaysian markets. In June 2005, JX Online entered Vietnam and soon took over nearly 80% of the market share. In September 2005, we established the joint venture company, Kingsoft Japan Inc., and launched the Japanese version of Kingsoft Internet Security and WPS Office. In 2007, Kingsoft Japan received a large investment from JAFCO......



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