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Kingsoft Corporation Limited is a leading software developer, distributor and service provider in China. Kingsoft now has R&D centers in Zhuhai, Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, and Shenzhen.Our two main businesses are software and online games. We have several renowned products such as Kingsoft Office, Kingsoft Power Word, Kingsoft Internet Security and our signature series, the JX Series and The First Myth. Kingsoft has set up some of China's largest online communities, including the most popular domestic online English learning website and the online games website

Kingsoft is one of the earliest companies to engage in the research and development of commonly used software. In 1988, Mr. Kau Pak Kwan joined Kingsoft and started the R amp;D of WPS office software. In 1989, the launch of WPS 1.0 had filled the blank of Chinese word processing. In 1997, Kingsoft Power Word was launched. Through the Copyright Protection Project, we have sold over 1 million copies of Kingsoft Power Word. In 2000, Kingsoft Internet Security was released in the market, and has become one of the top three antivirus software products in China since then.

Kingsoft entered the game industry with its first game studio, Season Studio, established in 1995. Since 1996, stand-alone games such as Zhongguancun Apocalypse, JX, and Korean War were launched. In 2003, Kingsoft engaged in online games, and established five game studios, namely Season Studio, Blaze Studio, Adin Studio, Sanguo Studio, and Jingcai Studio. Our games are mainly martial arts MMORPGs heavily based on ancient Chinese culture. Some of our games include JX Online, The First Myth, and CQ Online.

In the recent years, Kingsoft has massively expanded into oversea markets. In 2004, JX Online entered the Taiwanese and Malaysian markets. In June 2005, JX Online entered Vietnam and soon took over nearly 80% of the market share. In September 2005, we established the joint venture company, Kingsoft Japan Inc., and launched the Japanese version of Kingsoft Internet Security and WPS Office. In 2007, Kingsoft Japan received a large investment from JAFCO.

In October 9th, 2007, Kingsoft was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 3888). Subsequently, Kingsoft stepped up its development phase, improving its services, and consistently developed new technology, making our foray into new territory. In 2008, Kingsoft Malaysia was established, indicating its objective in penetrating the entire Asian market.

At Kingsoft, we have never doubted our goal in becoming a world-class software and entertainment provider.

金山软件是中国最知名的软件企业之一,中国领先的应用软件和互联网服务提供商。目前,金山软件在珠海、北京、成都、大连、深圳五地分设研发中心,创造了 WPS Office、金山词霸、金山毒霸、剑侠情缘、封神榜等众多知名产品。同时,金山旗下拥有国内知名的大型英语学习社区爱词霸(以及在线游戏交流社区逍遥网(

金山是国内最早进行通用软件研发的企业之一1988年,求伯君加入金山,开始了WPS办公软件的开发;1989年,WPS1.0发布,填补了我国计算机中文文字处理软件的空白1997年,金山词霸发布,通过“红色正版风暴”活动创造了软件销量超百万套的奇迹. 2000年,金山毒霸推出,短时间内跻身中国杀毒软件三强之列直到现在

金山1995年开始进入游戏产业,成立珠海西山居工作室。1996年之后,《中关村启示录》、《剑侠情缘》、《朝鲜战争》等单机游戏陆续发布。2003 年,金山进入网游产业,全力打造西山居、烈火、亚丁、三国、鲸彩五大游戏工作室,做植根于中华文化的绿色网游,代表作品有《剑侠情缘网络版》、《封神榜》、《春秋Q传》等

近年来,金山在国际化拓展方面成绩卓著。 2004年,剑网首度进军台湾、马来西亚等海外市场。2005年6月,剑网登陆越南,迅速占领越南网络游戏80%市场份额。2005年9月,金山在东京成立日本合资公司。金山毒霸、WPS登陆日本,引起轰动; 2007年,日本金山获得日本最大VC集富(JAFCO)的巨额投资


2008年,金山在马来西亚开设全资附属子公司,为进军全球英文市场奠定基础。金山软件集中资源在海外经营旗下全线产品,让未来能更快速进入英文市场打下基础。 创造世界一流的软件技术公司,是所有金山人不变的梦想!



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